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Benchtop Water Filters


  • Portable: Ideal for renting, camping, or travelling
  • All filters come standard with a 5 micron PP filter cartridge that removes all suspended particles >5/1000mm & is also replaceable with a 1 micron PP filter cartridge.
  • Direct Connection to the faucet provides speedy and stable water flow
  • Easy Installation: Simply remove the aerator from the faucet and the diverter, incorporating aerator, will screw straight on. For female faucets, a male adaptor is required and can be sourced from your local hardware store.
  • No power required
  • Recommended life up to 20,000 litres approximately 12 months

PRICE: $169.00    $128.00

All prices are GST inclusive 


10” Sediment Filter Cartridge (1 or 5 Micron) – $10

10” Activated Carbon Block Cartridge (5 Micron) – $25

This 2-Stage Benchtop Water Filtration system comes with a faucet, a spanner, a standard diverter valve, a sediment filter cartridge (1 or 5 micron) for Stage 1 housing, and an active carbon block water filter cartridge (5 Micron) for Stage 2 housing.

Please feel free to check with us for stock availability. Thanks.