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steel tanks nzOur property’s access, made installing a heavy concrete tank impossible, yet we still wanted a safe and clean way to store our drinking water. The Super Fern water tanks we purchased, were exceptional. Light enough to transport onto our house site by trailer, and yet strongly constructed with ribbed sides to increase rigidity, and fully welded seams. These tanks not only look professional, with matching stainless lids, but they gave us the peace of mind, knowing that our water would be free from any leaching of other chemicals.

This is a product, and a company that I would highly recommend. Their service was honest and helpful, with a level of craftsmanship, and quality control, which is outstanding. Thank you.

J Larsen (Locality: Westport, NZ)

I bought two 5000 litre stainless steel tanks from Paul at Super Fern Enterprise Ltd. My wife and I have built a non toxic house near Aoraki Mt Cook. Our new home is built from materials that contain no toxins. We wanted our drinking water to be stored in non toxic tanks and Paul was able to supply these for us. We live a long way from his business – He’s in Auckland and we are in the mountains of the South Island. He made it very easy for us and hassle free to get them down here. The service was great. Thanks Paul for great service. The tanks are up and supplying us with great drinking water.

Charlie Hobbs (Locality: Mount Cook)

I was very impressed with your service and the prompt delivery of the tank. I am very happy with the tank also, the water tastes good and it is good to know that it won’t split or break during an earthquake. Thank you very much.

Deborah Anderson (Locality: Palmerston North)


I, Rev. T. H. Drake of Queens Drive, Waiheke Island have been greatly pleased at the personal care, efficiency and punctuality with which Paul and Fiona of Super Fern Enterprise Ltd have taken with description, quotation, supply, quality and delivery via Waiheke Freight of my brand new Stainless Steel 3000 L Water Tank.

Again, With Many Thanks to All,
Rev. T. Hoyt Drake

stainless tanks nzWe are delighted with the Super Fern tanks which we chose for our house on Waiheke Island. We decided to use Super Fern’s stainless steel tanks because they are locally made, durable and visually appealing. Because they are lightweight, they had the added benefit of being easily installed onto a difficult site (without the need for helicopters!). Paul and his team provide an informative and friendly service. We thoroughly recommend their tanks.

Anne and Chris Rowe (Locality: Waiheke Island)

Having our stainless steel water tank installed by Paul and his team was a great decision! Firstly we like the fact that the tank is not made of plastic, which could leak toxins into the rainwater when the tank is heated by the sun. Secondly, we can now water our organic garden with good, healthy rainwater without all the chemicals found in tap water. Thirdly, we are able to flush our toilet with tank water. We appreciate the punctual, friendly service we got from Paul and his team.

Elise van Wyk (Locality: Milford, Auckland)

We are very pleased with our new stainless steel tank from Super Fern Enterprises. They communicated with us every step of the way, the tank was ready on the specified date, and they arranged a very reasonable freight service for us. We wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone wishing to purchase a tank.

Joe and Shirley Connor (Locality: Taranaki, NZ)

I think your tank is lovely and many people have expressed interest in it. I tell people that the lovely people from Super Fern have renewed my faith in tradespeople and I was very pleased to do business with you. Thank you again for the fantastic friendly service and for going the extra mile for me. The free chlorine filter on my shower is amazing, thanks for that too!

I especially like the fact that because I have a subscription to Organic NZ, they also receive a % donation from you – and so do I 🙂 It’s a win/win solution and ecologically sound, you don’t get better than that!

Terri and Bernard Stevenson (Locality: Henderson, Auckland)

Thank you for the fantastic water tank! It was light enough to roll up a 35 deg incline and put in place by myself!!! I want another to put beside it!

Craig Muirhead (Locality: Warkworth)

Awesome product, awesome service from a very helpful friendly team – thanks you so very much.

Adam Steven (Locality: Muriwai Beach)

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